Biography of Sheena Monique

Dating back to her formidable high school years, Sheena graduated with a “business and technical” path, which helped shaped Sheena into the woman she is today, later graduating from Saint Augustine's University with a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems. In 2014, Sheena took a leap of faith and moved to Orlando, Florida, to fulfill a job promotion. With the help of several of colleagues, she managed to build her own department for pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, and supervisors, which propelled her to eventually start her own business. In 2016, Sheena transitioned to information technology, increasing her fundamental knowledge of website design and project management.

“I’ve always had a passion to build – build things from scratch and see them come to light,” Sheena shares.

Sheena Monique is a successful serial entrepreneur, having jumpstarted her entrepreneurial career with Elevated Technology Group, a comprehensive web design company that triumphed upon inception. In an effort to expand her entrepreneurial territory and pursue additional passions, Sheena then created her self-named clothing boutique, Sheena Monique. Sheena Monique embodies the core of Sheena’s deepest interests – fashion, inspiration, and facilitating a community of confident businesswomen.

“Fashion is important to me because it outwardly displays one’s personality before exchanging a single word,” Sheena explains. “Fashion facilitates creativity and self-expression and acts as a conversation starter, too. Fashion is powerful and allows for my presence to be felt.”

As Sheena establishes a strong brand centered around self-authenticity, she encourages other women to listen to their inner voice and make decisions that resonate with affirmations deep within. Sheena wholeheartedly believes that when a woman is happy and confident, her outer appearance glows even brighter. Accordingly, her brand purposefully fuses a means to attain inner and outer beauty, ultimately elevating women to their highest selves.

Sheena’s advice to “honor your values and shun whatever violates your truth within” has propelled her to create an authentic brand that not only encompasses the multi-faceted world of fashion but also includes a significant component to the modern-day woman: a genuine, trusted means to connect among the growing population of female entrepreneurs.

Sheena Monique’s evolution is ever-changing, and her future includes the lies of a custom clothing line and further establishing and leading a worldwide community of fierce individuals through hands-on participation via non-profit organizations.